At Funding Circle, we want our company to be as diverse as the small businesses and investors we serve, who are the heart of what we do.

This is what drives innovation and allows us to deliver a best in class customer and employee experience.

Our people are our business; they are what makes the business stronger every day. The exceptional experience we aim to deliver to our customers is the product of the smart, talented, hardworking and diverse group of Circlers we have working here. We recognise the power and value in building a diverse team, where people's skills and personalities complement each other and reflect the customers we are here to help. Different perspectives lead to better outcomes and we see the positive impact of this in our teams every day.

Funding Circle is proud of the inclusive culture it has built and is committed to being the best FinTech company to work for in the world.

Funding Circle UK Gender Pay Gap reporting

In 2017, the UK Government introduced a policy to support the progression of more women into senior roles in business and society. All organisations with more than 250 employees are required to report their 'Gender Pay Gap', which shows the percentage difference in mean and median hourly salary between all men and all women in an organisation, expressed as a percentage of men's earnings.

It is important to note that the Gender Pay Gap does not measure equal pay, which relates to what women and men are paid for the same or similar jobs or work of equal value. Women and men are paid equally at Funding Circle for performing the same roles.

Gender Pay Gap Update 2020/21

  • The gender pay gap is now at its lowest level to date at Funding Circle.
  • Our mean gender pay gap is down to 18.5% from 21.4% in 2020 and 19.5% in 2019.
  • The median gender pay gap has also fallen to 27.1% from 32.2% in 2020 and 36% in 2019.
  • The main driver of our gap is a lower proportion of women in senior and mid-level roles and in higher-paid teams. The biggest challenges to address this lie, notably, within our technology and capital markets teams.
  • Our approach to driving gender balance is twofold: firstly we ensure a strong focus on recruiting and attracting senior female talent. Alongside this, we also place a large emphasis on developing and growing our internal talent. We believe the latter is key to enabling long term change across the financial and technology industries.
  • Our mean bonus pay gap has fallen to 28% from 46% in 2020 and 43% in 2019, with the median down to 34% from 37% in 2020 and 34% in 2019. The bonus pay gap is driven by a higher proportion of men being in teams with higher bonus opportunities, as well as a higher proportion of men within senior roles in bonus-earning teams.
Ordinary pay
Lower middle
Upper middle
Year     Median Mean Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
2021     27.1% 18.5% 50% 50% 55% 45% 65% 35% 61% 39%
2020     32.2% 21.4% 55% 45% 52% 48% 73% 27% 64% 36%
2019     36.0% 19.5% 55% 45% 57% 43% 65% 35% 78% 22%
Bonus pay
receiving bonus
Year     Median Mean Male Female
2021     34% 28% 94% 92%
2020     37% 46% 40% 46%
2019     25% 43% 33% 34%

Download our Gender Pay Gap Update 2018 

Download our Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter

Funding Circle UK is signed up to the government’s Women in Finance Charter, which is a commitment to support the progression of women into senior roles in the financial services sector.

We are pleased to report we have made good progress in 2021 towards our target of 40% of women in senior management positions. 

When we last reported our annual update to the Women In Finance Charter in September 2020 our proportion of senior female representation was c.27%. As of 1 January 2021 it was 31.2% and we are pleased to announce that as of September 2021 it is now 35.2%

We are confident by maintaining our current trajectory, we will meet and / or exceed our target by 2025.