Talented Circlers

Our team consists of a talented group of Circlers who have a strong alignment with our mission and share the same drive and passion as our customers; they are “made to do more”.

Our leadership

Importance of culture

We believe that creating the right culture is crucial for both attracting and retaining talent. All permanent Circlers hold options and/or shares in the equity of the business, ensuring they are aligned with Funding Circle’s mission, vision and objectives. We have developed a strong and engaging culture in each of our offices, as well as a set of five core values that represent who we are and how our team behaves:

Our values

Start with the customer: work hard to serve them, create great experiences, and build a trusting partnership.

Find a better way: challenge assumptions, seek insights, and make informed decisions.

Take small steps fast and deliver: be ambitious, take accountability, see it through with grit.

Build trust through transparency and integrity: be honest, seek feedback, and communicate clearly.

We win and lose as one team: celebrate diversity, listen actively, and support each other.

Champion our culture: show curiosity, embrace change, and bring your passion every day.

Our Circler-led groups

Our Circler-led groups have been a major driving force for positive change.

Women at FC.jpg

Women at FC Logo.png

Our mission is to build a community where women connect, thrive and win.

Lets talk about race.jpg

Lets Talk Aout Heritage Logo_Artboard 1.png

Our mission is to educate on the experiences of minorities, celebrate racial diversity, and create a safe space to continue to engage in dialogue.

Circle of Pride.jpg


Our mission is to champion inclusion for All through an LGBTQIA+ lens by building an open community and celebrating LGBTQIA+ contributions.

Neurodiversity at FC.jpg


Our mission is to spearhead the discussion on how neurodifferences add value, and build the infrastructure for an equitable and accessible workplace.

FC Impact.jpg


Our mission is to come together and give back to communities in need, raise awareness for worthy causes, and make an impact through charity & volunteering projects. 

Parents at FC.jpg


Our mission is to provide a supportive space and a network for working parents.

Aspire to more

Challenge yourself, make a difference and find global opportunities with a career at Funding Circle.

Visit our dedicated careers website for more information about joining the team.

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