Helping power SMEs’ growth

Our mission is to build the place where small businesses get the funding they need to win. We do this by delivering an unrivalled customer experience powered by data and technology. Over the past decade, we’ve built a technology platform that is revolutionising SME lending. Thanks to our instant decision capabilities, SMEs in the UK can complete a lending application in minutes and receive a lending decision in seconds, accessing funding quickly and at an affordable rate.

To date we’ve helped over 135,000 SMEs access more than £15 billion. This finance is helping to create jobs and power the economy.

Our flywheel for growth

Our technology platform enables us to test, learn and adapt to provide better finance solutions for SMEs and help solve more small business problems. We innovate and iterate in a continuous feedback loop, committed to driving improvements in machine learning, technology and data.

We deliver an unrivalled experience for small businesses, powered by data and technology


data points in data lake


better risk discrimination than bureau scores

6 min

application time (UK loans)


instant decision (UK loans)


customer NPS (Group)


Trustpilot score (UK)

We enable small businesses to borrow, pay and spend

Thousands of small businesses





come to Funding Circle

Technology platform

Data advantage

Institutional capital aggregation

Customer experience

to get the funding they need to win

Super prime loans

Prime loans

Near prime loans




Customers come direct to Funding Circle via our website


Customers are introduced to Funding Circle by a third party


Customers are introduced to Funding Circle by a broker who manages their client’s relationship with us

Lending as a Service

Partners leverage our lending proposition to offer loans to their customers


United Kingdom

  • Founded in the UK in 2010, Funding Circle is now the leading lending platform for SMEs
  • We've helped more than 95,000 businesses access over £12.5 billion in finance

United States

  • Having entered the US market in 2013, Funding Circle has a material and growing presence
  • We’ve helped more than 45,000 businesses access $4.8 billion in finance

Prime loans

Business loans from £10,000 to £500,000 available from six months to six years

Super prime loans

A superior pricing proposition for lower risk customers in the US

Near prime loans

Available to businesses that have been trading for one year or more in the UK


Our new line of credit product in the UK


Connecting borrowers with lenders in the market offering products beyond our range