Business model diagram

Access to affordable finance

  • SMEs’ access to finance can be restricted
  • SMEs account for ~50% of GDP but <2% bank lending

Fast, convenient applications

  • Instant automated decision in the UK for 80% of applications(six minute application; decision in nine seconds; funding in 24 hours)
  • Easy online applications in the US (six minute application; decision in 24 hours; funding in 48 hours)

Supportive customer experience

  • 79 Group net promoter score

Access to hard-to-reach asset class through diversified loan book of multiple smaller loans

  • Diverse SME population
  • Wide-ranging and complex risks
  • Significant credit exposure
  • Fragmented and unpredictable data

Robust and attractive returns

  • 6-7% loan returns track record 5 Higher future returns targeted (higher base rate environment)
  • Active monitoring to ensure institutional
  • investor diversification and performance

Our values

Our shared values, passion and purpose underpin everything we do at Funding Circle. Together we are providing small businesses with the funding they need to win.

Obsess over the customer
Think smart
Make it happen
Stand together
Be open
Live the adventure

Stakeholder value created

For borrowers

Access to fast, flexible, affordable finance with an amazing, supportive customer experience.

For institutional investors

Exposure to an attractive, hard-to-access asset class of strategic importance to economies.

For communities

A big impact in communities where small businesses create jobs, fuel economic growth and generate tax receipts.

For government and regulators

A trusted and reputable company, working alongside regulators, industry and institutions to ensure best practice.

For partners and suppliers

A dependable customer, working in partnership wherever possible.

For employees (Circlers)

A culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and opportunity; dedicated to learning and personal growth in a high performance environment.

For shareholders

An attractive opportunity for sustainable shareholder value creation.