Funding Circle business model wheel

At Funding Circle we deliver an amazing customer experience for small businesses using machine learning and technology.

A great customer experience is built on exceptional fundamentals and seamless technology.

Since 2010 we have built a decision orientated platform that enables us to customise every element of the borrower experience, revolutioning SME lending. Small businesses can complete a loan application and receive a decision in a matter of minutes, enabling them to access funding quickly and at an affordable rate.

Our investment in technology has resulted in strong customer satisfaction scores and high repeat rates, helping us to grow alongside our small businesses.

We believe that as we get bigger and help more small businesses access the finance they need to grow, we create a stronger platform that drives significant competitive advantage. This creates a virtuous circle that will enable us to continue to help thousands of small businesses around the world and drive market share.

Technology and data

Technology, data and advanced analytics are at the heart of our business proposition. Through the development of customer-centric technology, we’ve created an agile, responsive and unified money and loan management platform. Having built our technology from scratch, unlike many traditional banks we’re not burdened by the challenges and costs associated with legacy systems. We can therefore devote our resources to developing, innovating and further enhancing our bespoke technology.

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