Delivering an amazing customer experience for small businesses using machine learning and technology

Leading technology

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Continuous deployment enables us to scale quickly, efficiently and securely

Proprietary data lake


Panoramic contains 2bn data points on 26m SMEs and is used for machine learning risk models and highly targeted marketing

Best team dedicated to SME lending


Team includes Funding Circle engineers, product managers, data scientists and risk managers

Technology and data

Technology, data and advanced analytics are at the heart of our business proposition.

Revolutionising technology

Our technology platform is revolutionising small business lending.

Small business lending is very complex, and has typically relied on manual processes. Over the past 10 years we have aggregated huge amounts of data and loan performance history, allowing us to develop incredibly sophisticated machine learning models.

By combining these machine learning models with technology we have been able to build our Instant Decision Lending platform.

With an average application time of six minutes and lending decisions provided in an average of 9 seconds, the platform has been instrumental in helping thousands of SME owners to access the funds they need without the rigmarole of applying for a loan the old-fashioned way. This market-leading functionality now serves 50% of all UK loans and we have a long term target of 80% of loan decision automated.

Instant decision lending also delivers benefits for Funding Circle. IDL delivers a credit performance as accurate as non-IDL loans using credit risk models developed over the last 10 years and getting an instant decision can improve conversion by up to 25%.

Our technology platform


IDL enables SME owners to receive a decision in minutes with rates from 4.9% pa