A fundamentally better way of borrowing

Funding Circle is a leading global SME loan platform. By combining cutting-edge technology, sophisticated data analytics and dedicated customer service, we help SMEs access finance that allows them to grow and expand. We’re also opening up a whole new asset class to investors, to whom we provide stable returns and a range of investment options.


of economic value is generated by SMEs


of employment is provided by SMEs


of all firms are SMEs


projected increase in SME revenue from 2017–2021


(1) Source: OECD.

What makes Funding Circle unique

Leading platform in underserved market

Funding Circle operates in a segment where SMEs have been underserved and dissatisfied with traditional lenders

Sophisticated technology and data

Sophisticated technology, data and analytics drive superior customer experience and competitive advantage

Superior value proposition

Superior value proposition for both borrowers and investors drives strong repeat rates

Strong growth opportunities

Compelling growth opportunities with an improving financial profile

Virtuous network effects

Virtuous network effects driven by scale and an attractive underlying business model

Founder-led entrepreneurial culture

Founder-led and experienced management team with entrepreneurial culture

In order to fit out a new cafe and kitchen, Michaela from Arapina accessed finance through Funding Circle in 2017.

What we offer

An industry-leading borrower service

Speed and simplicity:

Our simple online application is faster and easier than traditional lending channels, meaning SMEs can access the capital they need in days rather than months. Thanks to our Instant Decision lending technology on it takes one average just 6 minutes to compete an application and businesses receive decision in just 9 seconds.

Competitive market-driven pricing:

Our online platform lending model provides competitive and transparent pricing for borrowers.

Outstanding customer experience and ease of use:

We’re continually focused on delivering excellent customer service. Our aim is to enhance the user experience and make the application process as efficient as possible.

Attractive stable returns for investors

We attract a diverse and sustainable investor base:

The diversity of our investor base is testimony to the appeal of our value proposition. We've attracted retail and accredited investors, asset management companies, insurance companies, government-backed entities and funds - both public and private.

Reputation for delivering attractive returns:

Our ability to attract investors is partly due to our reputation for delivering resilient returns. Our credit assessment process combines technology with advanced data analytics and proprietary risk models. And our specialist Collections, Servicing and Recoveries team works closely with borrowers who run into difficulty, which results in industry-leading collections across all of our geographies

Getting the loan was not at all complicated and much faster than I had expected. Our Account Manager was very polite and competent at any given time.

Gebel Bakery has been a producer of high-quality baked goods for over 70 years. With a loan from Funding Circle, Ruth Gebel expanded the retail space of the flagship store, opening a little café inside the bakery and almost immediately saw her revenue increase by 25%.

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