1. Drive a better borrower experience

Improving the borrower experience and increasing brand awareness support our efforts to expand our presence in those areas where we currently do business.

We’ve consistently achieved strong customer satisfaction and repeat business. By focusing on price, access and engagement, and by investing in technology and data analytics, we aim to improve convenience and efficiency to enhance the overall experience of our borrowers. We also plan to boost brand visibility through increased marketing activity.

2. Invest in data, tech and analytics

Innovation is central to our strategy. By investing in data, analytics and technology, we’ll continue to increase automation, enhance our credit models and improve the customer experience.

Our approach involves optimising value and managing credit risk across the entire spectrum of borrower engagement. Our plan is to expand our data sets and invest in analytical tools to create more personalised processes, improving price and access for borrowers. To this end, we’re developing a unified money and loan management platform for all our markets.

3. Diversify funding sources

We focus on diversifying our funding base, attracting long-term commitments from investors and enhancing the predictability and stability of investments.

Since Funding Circle launched, we have consistently focused on diversifying funding sources. We began offering fractional loans to retail investors. In 2013, we launched a whole loan programme focused on institutional investors. We continue to provide investors with new ways to access Funding Circle loans, including launching new fund and bond products.

4. Build a highly scalable global business

Our main aim is to continue growing as a leader in the platform lending industry. We believe there’s an opportunity to reach new markets and build an even larger base of SMEs and investors.

We have a strong track record of identifying and grasping expansion opportunities, as our growth rates in the US, Germany and the Netherlands testify. We’ll continue to explore market opportunities, either through organic growth or acquisitions, basing our assessments on SME demand, investor sentiment, operational complexity and data availability.


Debbie Leon from Fashionizer has won awards for her unique uniform designs. She borrowed £195,000 over 3 business loans for working capital.

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