August 2010

Founded by Samir Desai, James Meekings and Andrew Mullinger

October 2010

£1 million lent through Funding Circle's platform

August 2011

Co-founded the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association, the first self-regulated body for platform lending in the UK

September 2011

£10 million lent through platform

September 2012

£50 million lent through platform

March 2013

The British Business Bank begins investing in loans originated through platform

May 2013

£100 million lent through platform

October 2013

Expanded into the US, acquiring Endurance Lending Network (now Funding Circle US)

June 2014

Institutional investors join the platform

December 2014

Groundbreaking £132 million investment from KLS, the first global investor to lend to UK businesses

October 2015

Expanded into continental Europe, acquiring the Zencap Group (now Funding Circle Continental Europe)

October 2015

£1 billion lent through platform

November 2015

Facilitate the creation of FCIF, the first single-platform publicly listed vehicle in the world

April 2016

Funding Circle US co-found the Marketplace Lending Association

June 2016

£100 million investment from The European Investment Bank in loans originated through the platform

October 2016

£2 billion lent through platform

May 2017

Funding Circle UK granted full authorisation by the FCA

June 2017

£3 billion lent through platform

August 2017

Lending partnership agreed between Funding Circle and Aegon

November 2017

Funding Circle UK launched an “Innovative Finance ISA”

December 2017

£4 billion lent through platform

June 2018

£5 billion lent through platform

September 2018

$1 billion lending partnership in the US between Funding Circle and Alcentra

October 2018

IPO on London Stock Exchange

December 2018

£1 billion lending partnership in the UK between Funding Circle and Waterfall Asset Management

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